Padrig Stevens and Leo Moran

Padrig Stevens and Leo Moran - Gallway, Ireland

Two of the original members of The Saw Doctors, one of the most iconic Irish bands of the 1990s

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“Greetings from Padraig in Tuam, Ireland. I was happy enough, enjoying my days. Sitting at home and writing songs. Then Leo arrived one day, wondering if I would be interested in doing a few little gigs with him. He had enjoyed playing the shows he had done with Anto – and later with Davy – but now he just wanted to play his guitar, and ‘would I sing some of my songs’, he said. This sounded good to me, so we started in February 2017 with gigs in The Kings Head, Galway and Campbell’s Tavern near Headford, both local venues. We got a great welcome at the shows, the audience enjoyed them, so did we! We did a few more gigs, things were getting better. Then we discovered we really needed to get some of our music recorded to let people know what to expect when they came to see us play. We went to Sun Street Studio Tuam where our old friend Ken Ralph whipped our sound into shape. With Leo steering we eventually released an album of songs called ‘News from the Old Country.’
Enjoy, Padrig

Press Photos


  • Murmuring
  • Same Oul Town
  • Clare Island
  • A Prayer To St. Anthony

Stage Plot