Pierce Pettis

Pierce Pettis - Mentone,Alabama

“Pierce Pettis has created a musical body of work that is wide and deep. Dip your toe in anywhere and you will want to hear more of my friend Pierce Pettis!"

-John Gorka

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“Pierce Pettis doesn’t write mere songs, he writes literature…End to end the songwriting is brilliant…Pierce Pettis albums are events in my listening. His writing just gets better all the time and his singing is marvelous, wry and warm…”
-Sing Out!

“Pierce Pettis bares a gentle soul with a keen eye, a soulful voice, and perfect guitar accompaniment for his beautiful songs – a masterful poet treasure”
-Darrell Scott, songwriter/recording artist

“I have loved Pierce’s music for many years now-he has the gift of a true inner compass.”
-Eliza Gilkyson, songwriter/recording artist

“Sometimes I have to stop listening to a Pierce Pettis track halfway through because he makes me want to give up on songwriting. Pierce is a master musical storyteller, delivering human truth and heartbreaking vulnerability with every tune. He’s also an unnecessarily virtuosic guitarist with the voice of some beautiful angel who also happens to be your old, familiar friend. All of it completely unfair.”
– Justin Paul, writer/composer “La La Land“, “Dear Evan Hansen“

Press Photos


  • The Adventures Of Me
  • My Little Girl
  • Mr. Ziedman
  • You Are The Cowboy
  • Your fathers Son