Leo + Anto _CouchLeo Moran and Anthony Thistlethwaite (of the Saw Doctors)

had such a great time this fall, playing sold out shows up and down the east coast, they’ve decided to come back.The first part of the tour starts again in Massachusetts, on April 4th and moves down through Connecticut, New Jersey, DC and Philadelphia ending the east coast run on April 19th. Then the boys go off to the mid west for two weeks beginning on April 23rd and ending on May 4th. After that it’s the west coast and northwest. We have a few dates available on all legs of this tour. Let me know if you’re interested.Take a peek and Leo’s blog about their adventures while on tour in the US

Here’s some video of the fun being had at their shows–


Gmail - FW: photo help?Rebecca Loebe

Recorded a new live CD this fall with Raina Rose and their friends Three Penny Acre, in a series of shows in Texas and Oklahoma. Not sure how many of you got to see those shows, but it seems like the CD caught all the musical fun that was on stage for four nights. Look for a spring 2014 release from DC-based Goose Creek RecordsRebecca and Raina will be back on the east coast in May and Rebecca will be in the midwest the week of April 7th through the 11th. Check out the schedule and see if you’d like to book a date!This fall sees Rebecca on the west coast in September and she’ll be, once again, putting on her elf hat and presenting her caroling concerts in December.

Rebecca did a lot of touring with Ellis Paul in 2013, garnering rave reviews and building her fanbase. She and Ellis have a special onstage relationship and hopefully you’ll see more of them in the future.

Rebecca has also put together a kickin’ new band called Rebecca Loebe and the New Ordeal. With a bigger, more Americana sound, they are the perfect festival and bigger stages

Spuyten_DuyvilSpuyten Duyvil

joined the Granata Agency family and released their third CD Temptation this fall.If you’re not familiar with this amazing roots band, take Gene Shay’s take word for it when he said they are “the hottest new band in folk music today”. The summer and fall of 2013 saw them rocking the northeast festival scene and expanding their touring area into the Midwest and up into Canada. With the new CD on of the top of the FolkDJ charts, we expect to be bringing their raucous good time show out to more and more of the country.  http://www.spuytenduyvilmusic.com 

And if representing some of the finest artists in the world wasn’t enough, I was please to take a position as one of the directors of the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance. NERFA has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, and taking a hand in running it has been a joy. http://www.nerfa.org

Here’s to a brighter and better 2014!


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